Eadon Networking for Invector

Eadon Networking for Invector is a complete network solution for Invector TPC (Melee or Shooter) and Invector FSM AI.

It will be available in three different versions, for the following networking stacks: 

  • Mirror Networking
  • Fish-Net Networking Evolved
  • Unity Netcode for GameObjects

This is not a multiplayer game template, knowledge of Mirror networking is required to exploit this asset!

It has the following features:

  • Fully networked locomotion (including jumping, crouching, running)
  • Fully networked melee combat
  • Fully networked shooting
  • Fully networked FSM AI
  • Fully networked equipment management
  • Fully networked swimming and free climbing
  • most importantly, full support for networking in all Eadon add-ons for Invector! 


Documentation coming soon