Eadon Builder

Eadon Builder is an add-on for Eadon Character Controller which provides advanced building functionality to any game implemented with Eadon Character Controller.

This add-on for lets you build simple items as well as complex modular structures, with advanced criteria and snapping configuration options. It's a perfect solution for survival games that want to implement a robust building system similar to games like Rust or Valheim, but this system is flexible enough to let you develop a more free form building system similar to Fortnite.

It has the following features:

  • Build whole items
  • Build with modular assets
  • Sophisticated placement
    • Handles irregular terrain
    • Slope constraint
    • Stability constraints
  • Snapping
    • RCustom snap points

It also includes an animated building effect using a custom shader and vertex painting.


Eadon Builder comes with a comprehensive documentation, which can be found here