Eadon Advanced Crafting

Eadon Advanced Crafting is a crafting add-on for Eadon Character Controller, adding a sophisticated crafting system based on crafting recipes.

It has the following features:

  • Crafting in game instead of in inventory
  • Everything can be an ingredient (including weapons, consumables, etc)
  • Based on crafting recipes
  • Recipes can be implicit (i.e. everyone knows them) or explicit (i.e. they need to be found/bought)
  • Custom animations for crafting
  • Supports locations for crafting (i.e. you need to be in a forge to craft a sword)
  • Supports the concept of tools (you need certain items in your inventory to be able to craft, but tools are not consumed like ingredients)
  • Interruptible crafting: you can start and stop and continue later (if the recipe allows it); you might also lose your ingredients if interrupted (configurable)
  • Integration with Eadon RPG for Invector: you can have a crafting recipe require a specific race, class, alignment, skill or talent


Eadon Advanced Crafting comes with a comprehensive documentation, which can be found here