Eadon AI

Eadon AI is a fully featured AI solution based on behaviour trees which can support multiple character controllers. While designed for Eadon Controller, Eadon AI is perfectly capable of driving a character built around Malbers Animal Controller or Invector Third Person Controller and includes features for group behaviours and communication which work across controllers..

It has the following features:

  • Based on the same character setup with full access to every controller feature by the AI
    • Full locomotion
    • Inventory and equipment
  • Full AI system based on behaviour trees
    • Behaviour tree editor and debugger
    • Custom action system
    • Events
    • Behaviour tree context (blackboard) with dynamic initialisation
    • Behaviour trees can be shared across multiple entities
    • Per character custom initialisation data
  • Group interactions
    • Leader/followers
    • Companions for main character (other NPCs, pets, etc)
    • Events on leader death
    • Orders from group leader to group members
    • Formations
  • Navigation system independent
    • Supports Unity built in NavMesh system
    • Supports A* Pathfinding Project Pro
    • Mix and match both systems in the same scene
  • 3D pathfinding in space for flying creatures
  • Integration with RPG system
  • Optional support for Invector TPC
    • Use this instead of Invector FSM AI to leverage behaviour trees
  • Optional support for Malbers Animal Controller
    • Use this instead of Animal Controller Brain to leverage behaviour trees
    • Allows group behaviours and interactions with animals/creatures
    • AI can mount and ride animals irrespective of controller used
  • Integrated with Pixel Crushers’ Dialogue System, Quest Machine and Love/Hate


Eadon AI comes with a comprehensive documentation, which can be found here